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Welcome to Mykpopconfession! Here you can confession about kpop. Please remember that these are not our confessions and none of them will be reflec upon our thoughts. If we don't give proper credit for your photo please tell us right away.
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Anonymous Whispered:
this isnt related to kpop or anything but i kind of need advice? :/ i hae school tomorrow and i need to do a presentation. im really shy and i have a class full of scary people (to me) im scared of being judged and i cried 2 nights straight bc im so stressed and genuinely scared. any advice?? :/


I wish I could give you better advice than this but what i’m saying is coming off from my personal life and I hope it’s to some help to you. I’m going to be honest and say that I absolutely hated presenting things in class in front of a bunch of people (even though I knew them and they knew me) I was so afraid to be judged by them and be a joke if I messed up, and I did mess up, I stuttered a lot and I often went blank. But I kind of learned how to overcome that, when I entered high school I took a theater class that helped a bit, I had chorus classes where I would have to sing solo’s and I was also in a musical. Though I was still very scared, I still pushed myself into doing things even if I didn’t like it. Like I said earlier, I hated presenting things and I know you might think that this is stupid advice but you’re going to have to believe in yourself and boost up some confidence .. that’s what I had to do too. I’m labeled as really shy and ‘too nice’, I even got in trouble for both of those but you know, life is very hard and I know that something like this is really scary but everything is going to be okay, just take close your eyes and take a deep breath, everything will be fine. I promise. Don’t be afraid. Go through the presentation calm and steady … pause when you need too and don’t rush, take deep breaths here and there if you need too. If you want to avoid eye contact, try looking over peoples heads:)

Good luck by the way! You can come and talk to me on my main blog, even if its anon I’ll still accept^^

-Admin Nancy

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