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Welcome to Mykpopconfession! Here you can confession about kpop. Please remember that these are not our confessions and none of them will be reflec upon our thoughts. If we don't give proper credit for your photo please tell us right away.
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  4. xkaryx said: To each their own :) personally I don’t find some popular idol’s as amazing as people say :) for example snsd’s Jessica and Taeyeon or Beast’s Yoseob :)
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    *stares at you* WHAT!!!???
  6. kjwoon said: He’s voice is awesome
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    wow, you’re rude. Just because this person doesn’t find his voice appealing does not mean they have hearing problems....
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    Yes its only you.
  12. sonyeondangerous said: Listen to his cover of “as long as you love me” anon :)
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    then you’re deaf…i guess
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