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Welcome to Mykpopconfession! Here you can confession about kpop. Please remember that these are not our confessions and none of them will be reflec upon our thoughts. If we don't give proper credit for your photo please tell us right away.
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  1. biasedb2uty said: He looks the same to me. I mean he got older and whatnot. That doesn’t mean plastic surgery. I look the same from when I was 13 and I’m 21 the only thing that changed was my body. Faces are weird okay bro?
  2. egg-of-happiness said: he only got two fairly minor operations on his nose, and some work on his eyes lol
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    You people see one slight difference and BAM someone had PS? God I fucking hate fans sometimes! Jonghyun lost alot of...
  7. camilleinseoul2014 said: exactly what i think
  8. but-yourelike-notevenasian said: He literally only got his nose done after the accident. I won’t put in my 2 sense about the circumstances surrounding that but I can’t stand seeing people claim plastic surgery when it’s really just a combo of weight loss, makeup, and photoshop
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  10. taost-on-krismas-morning said: Lmao what jonghyun never got plastic surgery
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